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Life Insurance for Smokers and Tobacco users
Life insurance quotes for smokers 

There are some things to know if you`re looking for a smoker affordable term insurance quote:

  • To get a smoker affordable life insurance quote you need to work with someone who will deals with a lot of insurance companies and knows how to find a competitive smoker life insurance quote.
  • Some insurance companies charge less if you quit smoking tobacco, some make you wait two or three years to get a smoker affordable term insurance rate.
  • If you don`t smoke any more, there are some life insurance companies that will give you a smoker term insurance quote but others will give you a non-smoker term insurance quote assuming you`ll not return to tobacco.
  • Some companies will give you a smoker life insurance quote even if you don`t smoke cigarettes or cigars but use any kind of tobacco.
  • Other companies won`t give you a smoker life insurance rate but preferred rates if you use smokeless tobacco and some will charge you less if you smoke an occasional cigar but not cigarettes.

What are the key thing to remember about life insurance if you use tobacco or smoke cigarettes or cigars?

  1. Use a service that quotes the market. Don`t use an agent that doesn`t have access to or the experience with a large database of companies. Check our term life insurance quoting system to search the market
  2. Call or contact us by email to describe your situation exactly so we can get you a smoker affordable term insurance quote if you smoke cigarettes or a better rate if you smoke cigars or use smokeless tobacco.

At we know who these companies are and our searches reflect this situation. But if you use tobacco but don`t smoke cigarettes make sure to contact us so we can give a personal search. When you check tobacco on the quoting system you may get an instant life insurance smoker rate which manually we may be able to improve on an advanced search. Call us or email us.

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